Cost Effective Air Circuit Breaker Retrofit from TERASAKI by JIS ELECTRICAL

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TERASAKI offers solutions for switchboard/distribution system lifecycle extension.

  • Replace your older breakers with new Terasaki Retrofit circuit breakers with safer interlocks, remote switching, and circuit monitoring without any Busbar modification to keep the validity of the type test of the existing switchboard.
  • Aging switchgear often needs to be upgraded to meet the modern operational and safety requirements. Retrofitting of circuit breakers offers huge cost savings compared with the replacement of entire switchboards. The prime functional components of the system can be quickly replaced, leaving the existing copperwork and steelwork intact.
  • New circuit breakers clear short-circuits much faster than older types. This results in lower incident arc energy. Terasaki breakers guarantee spare parts availability for at least 10 years after the breaker’s withdrawal from sales. You can save time and money by retaining a static part of your protection system and replacing only a functional, moving part.
  • Terasaki’s retrofit kits allow easy replacement of many makes and models of circuit breakers with a brand new TemPower 2 ACB. New designs are continually being added to our range and all retrofit kit designs are verified for short-circuit withstand. A number of our retrofit solutions have also been ASTA typed tested.
  • We prefer to conduct a site survey for every retrofit project – even if the breaker to be replaced is already on our design database. This ensures that the installation is as quick as possible, with minimum disruption to the client’s supply. We design retrofit ACBs on request. We also produce retrofit MCCBs and replace fuse switches with MCCBs.
  • Existing mounting positions are checked and all supports are manufactured Where possible our designs pick up original switchboard fitting positions, thereby avoiding cutting and drilling on-site. Copperwork interfaces are designed using short-circuit evaluation software. Electrical connection busbars and supports can be tested to IEC 61439 (busbar withstand test). Withdrawable functionality and safety interlocks of original devices can be retained and improved. Fixed pattern devices can even be replaced with with-drawable devices.
  • There is a number of reasons why retrofitting breakers should be considered.
    • Firstly, modern circuit breakers offer safer interlocks, remote switching, and circuit monitoring.
    • Secondly, static components in a switchboard (the steelwork and busbar system) can be retained. Only the functional moving parts (the circuit breakers) are replaced. Retrofitting is typically 50% cheaper than switchboard replacement with minimum downtime. During the retrofitting process, old protection relays can be removed and replaced with modern microprocessor protection which is integral to the ACB. This makes it easier to interface the ACB with automatic PLC controls.
    • Additionally, modern ACBs clear short-circuits much faster than older types. As a result, the incident arc energy is reduced considerably.
  • We can arrange for busbar interface connections to the switchboard to be independently short-circuit tested. This provides reassurance to the client that the fault capability of our retrofit breakers and connections equal or exceed that of the original system. Manufacture, assembly, and testing are carried out at Terasaki’s facility in Glasgow. The factory and processes are certified to the ISO 9001.

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