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TeleHaase Austria- Motor Starter P-4.0
22,5 mm compact motor starter including motor protection

Today’s drive solutions require powerful and flexible equipment solutions. The compact motor starter P-4.0 from TELE can be used for motors up to 4.0 kW @ 400 V and includes 5 functions in one compact unit, measuring only 22,5 mm in width. This intelligent instrument offers soft start, soft stop, forward/ reverse, current protection, and electronic motor protection.>

Thanks to the integrated motor protection plus isolation relays, separate MCB devices are not required. A simple circuit breaker protects the installation against short circuits and faulty wiring. The soft start and stop function is performed by semiconductors (thyristors) and the reversing function by internal relays, operated in the standstill phase. After performing the start/stop function the semiconductors are bypassed by integrated relays to minimize power dissipation. The intelligent combination of semiconductors and relays increases the lifetime and efficiency of the product. The integrated current limit protects motors, shafts, and plants from mechanical stress and reduces maintenance and downtimes.

The smart motor starter function is a soft-start, reversal, and protection of 3-phase asynchronous motors. Overcurrent is detected when the set current is exceeded longer than 2 sec. Direction reversal takes place via relay switching. The relays are de-energized at this. This ensures a long service life.

P4.0 is one of the most intelligent and reliable motor starters in the market! It helps control a variety of applications such as: Powering pumps, Conveyors, HVAC Systems, Water supply systems, and tank-/pool applications.

With the advanced motor protection feature integrated, we even make the use and stocking of MCBs and contactors obsolete!

Technical features
  • Forward/Reverse of 3-ph ac motors 3 AC 480 V / 9 A, equals 4.0 kW @ 400 VAC
  • Integrated reversing unit
  • 2-ph control for soft start and stop
  • Integrated bypass relays
  • 3 pots for adjustment of torque, time, and max. current
  • 4 LEDs indicate status and error
  • The reset button on the front and external reset is available
  • Dimension in mm (W × H × D): 22,5 × 105 × 120,3
  • Article number: 490800 (F/R + blocking protection) 490801 (F/R + motor protection + isolation contactor)
  • Your advantages
  • Save Costs, Time, Increase Efficiency, Customer Satisfaction, and Sustainability
  • Up to 5 functions in one device
  • Forward/Reverse, soft start, current limit, motor protection, soft stop
  • Compact design, only 22.5 mm in width that is 5 times smaller than conventional solutions
  • Simple commissioning and easy operation
  • Robust semiconductors with 1500 V max. isolation voltage
  • Increased system availability by the motor protection function
  • Increased lifetime by hybrid design compared to relay solution
  • Energy-saving by bumpless soft start/stop function and bypass relay
  • Applications
  • Reversing drive for the door, lifting, and transport application with blocking protection
  • Transport systems (belts and rollers) with blocking protection
  • Motorized valves in-process applications (chemical and petrochemical, power generation plants)
  • Pumps and fans
  • Switching off 3 ph transformers
  • Applications with sophisticated drive requirements
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